About Us - Part Time Bookkeeper London , UK
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About Us

About Us

Part Time Bookkeepers was established by its founder in 2016 to fill a gap in the market. A number of business required help with bookkeeping but are struggling to find and retain quality staff on a part time basis. We believe we have the solution specializing in XERO to support your bookkeeping needs.  We take care of the bookkeeping and provide you with quality management accounts. You can use us as much or little as you need – safe in the knowledge that whenever you need support it is there.


Our professional bookkeeping service is different, all of our work is checked by a qualified accountant. We can work with you to tailor your accounts using XERO so you have the information to make the important business decisions and drive your enterprise forward. If you are concerned about costs-we can help here to and identify the crucial elements that require bookkeeping. We can help set up more efficient working methods so work is completed in a faster time-this saves both sides from expending more resource then is required.


We never provide statutory accounts or tax advice-this is because we are we are XERO specialist bookkeepers.   We use a proven and established system to make sure your accounts stay up to date and run smoothly.


We are already working with a number of businesses that have reached a successful growth point and now have the need for some help so they can focus their attention on growing the business. Sometimes a business has built up a backlog of bookkeeping-we simply take this away and sort it all out for you. Entrepreneurs and businesses that want to be removed from the mundane paper work and focus their time on their business benefit from our service.

In addition to our professional expertise we take much pride in being a friendly practice with loyal dedicated & Conscientious staff, who would always be ready to take care of your needs.